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Products FAQs

Product Maintenance & Care:

Q. I just bought a new car and I want to make sure my car leather seat looks pristine, what is the best way to maintain it?

A. To start, set up a monthly or quarterly interior-maintenance reminder on your phone. There are plenty of one-step cleaner and conditioners on the market, in lotion, spray, or wipe form. They all work roughly the same way: A gentle oil helps remove dirt and keeps the leather supple.

Q. How to chose a suitable Cleaner if my car seats are perforated type?

A. If you have perforated leather, stay away from lotion-based stuff as it can get stuck in the tiny holes and dry white.

Q. What will happen if I don’t exercise any maintenance for my car seat?

A. Cowhide loses essential oils and UV protectants over time. Ignore leather care causing leather surface finish getting dull and cracks will begin to form.

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